Fire Alarm Systems

Control Panels

  • Conventional fire alarm panels and communicators
  • Intelligent fire alarm panels
  • SWIFT Smart Wireless Integrated Fire Technology for when wiring is not an option
  • Fiber optic panel to panel connections reduce ground faults, save on multiple phone lines

Initiating Devices

  • Pull stations
  • Heat detector
  • Smoke detector
  • Flame detector
  • Fire gas detector
  • Thermal imaging and line of sight cameras where other types of detectors can’t be used

Notifying Devices

  • Horns, strobes, combo horn / strobe units
  • Voice notification
  • Mass notification systems / emergency communication systems Services:

  • Wiring services only, parts and smarts by others
  • Complete installation
  • End user training on systems
  • Monitoring by outside UL certified central monitoring station
    check on availability in your service area